70 Palestinians left homeless

HEBRON More than 50 Palestinians of the same family, including children left homeless Tuesday morning after IDF demolished eight homes in the outskirts of Sair village in the eastern Hebron district of the southern occupied West Bank, while another 20 lost their home in a house demolition near Bethlehem.

One of the homeowners, said that Israeli troops invaded the area of Jurat al-Kheil just east of the town of Sair, and forcibly removed eight Palestinian families from the extended Shalalda family from their homes at gunpoint.

An excavator then demolished the buildings under heavy military protection.

Shalalda said that he and the other homeowners had been given “stop-work warrants” two years ago on the grounds that they did not have the necessary construction licenses from Israeli authorities.

Under the jurisdiction of Area C, the 60 percent of the West Bank where Israel retains full military control over security and civil administration, residents suffer under arbitrary policies of land classification, where they may not utilize any of their lands for building or farming in the areas without having proper authorization from the Israeli Civil Administration, which are nearly impossible to obtain.

According to Shalalda, ever since he and his fellow homeowners were issued the warrants to stop construction, they have been consistently trying to obtain licenses, but Israeli authorities have rejected every applications.


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