Suicide on the rise in Gaza

The horizon completely closed for the people in Gaza , they start to think that no way and no hope for them, that was what ( A, S) wrote in his message after committing suicide last day 17/08/2016

A rash of suicides has hit the Gaza Strip since February , with 7 people reportedly taking their lives since the beginning of the month, a significant rise compared to suicide rates last year.

The wave is not characterized by a certain age group or gender committing suicide, as it has included both men and women, teenagers and adults. The most common suicide methods among Gazans are hanging and jumping from tall buildings, while one person from the southern town of Khan Yunis, which has witnessed four suicides this month, set himself on fire. Before igniting himself, the 32-year-old man, (A,B) wrote on his Facebook page: “I have lived all my life and now I want to put an end to my life and reach my safe haven.”





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