Women and Children Rights Association is a leading Palestinian civil society organization that attained results, gained experience, realized successful stories and learned lessons during the past years in establishing cultural, empowering young male and female and assisting poor families within the Palestinian society. Therefore, (WCRS) association developed 3 years strategic plan to continue promote understanding in the Palestinian community of the complex nature of learning difficulties and the need for interventions to be carried out by qualified and expert professionals and to lobby for improved services to students experiencing difficulties with learning in addition to improve the lives of poor young male and female in the Palestinian society.
(WCRS) association is a national, autonomous, and non – profit specialized association. It was established in Gaza Strip in 2006 by people who are concerned with the development of education among young male and female who faces learning difficulties and poor families as well. (WCRS) association has been licensed in 2006 from Ministry of internal affairs under the number 7637.The vision is to Play leading role in empowering youth and individual with learning difficulties, and to fulfill their true potential in school, at home and in the work environment and guiding them to be able to independently generate high quality and personal use with unprecedented accuracy
(WCRS) aims to help all Palestinian children and women specially those who lost their parent during the war on Gaza, we have a list of the names of the children that we support and help. For the last 10 years and after the siege imposed on Gaza resources reduced and the aim of this was to end and kill any hope for the people in Gaza, everything is not allowed. We started to donate and help the Association by our own money to keep helping the kids. We are nonpolitical one and we get no support from any political party. The thing that we still keep is to be independent to be able to help all the Palestinian. We registered successful stories in helping our kids in Gaza. The situation now is not as we need as the siege has become strong and life in Gaza is nearly stopped. Many of the charites think to close and stop providing services to the Palestinian. This is the long term goal of the siege imposed on Gaza as no one in the world will watch what is happening on the ground.The people in Gaza started to do strange thing like committing suicide , some run and leave Gaza ,others cry and many are waiting on the the charities door for a hope of help. Many of the parents force their children to leave school and work to feed their families.Our charity worked hard to help the Palestinian but it is becoming worse and worse as we start to think what we can do at the time nothing come in.,
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